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Device Management and Video Analytics
with MOSO App

The MOSO app is a cutting-edge, cloud-based video analytics and device management application. The mobile and web applications are tailored to seamlessly integrate with Moso Clear cameras to offer visibility, alerts, and control of your video security solution – anytime, anywhere.

In today’s dynamic security landscape, managing cameras within a private network is essential for maintaining control, privacy, and data security. The MOSO app (also called Moso Command) empowers you to efficiently oversee your camera network, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance and security while leveraging advanced video analytics capabilities.

By harnessing the power of edge AI, our cameras provide real-time face, people, vehicle, and package detection. This means that critical insights can be obtained directly at the source, reducing latency, and enhancing the ability to respond to potential security threats swiftly.

Our platform-as-a-service, hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), simplifies device management by offering centralized control over camera configurations, firmware updates, troubleshooting, and access permissions. It streamlines deployment and operations by eliminating the need to maintain a physical server, which reduces maintenance costs and the risk of security breaches.

MOSO video analytics services provide live streaming, CVR (continuous video recording), video playback, and event notifications for all your deployed Moso Clear cameras. The MOSO web application provides enterprise features including video wall, advanced site management, and site statistics. Our mobile app provides a simple interface for video monitoring access to your property or business at your fingertips including camera setup, video streaming, and notifications.

Moso Command provides multiple levels of security.

The video analytics component of our platform transforms raw footage into actionable intelligence. It detects and alerts users to suspicious activity, unauthorized access, and package handling anomalies, helping organizations proactively mitigate security risks.