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Moso Concord smart Ethernet switch for private networks

Moso Complete Switch
Moso Concord

Simplicity – system can be installed very quickly, easily (zero touch provisioning)

Requirements for providing SLA, visibility into network for KPIs

Integrate with existing pane-of-glass, North-bound APIs

Edge appliances, or switches, are generally used in a private network to control the flow of data, link to the PTP Grandmaster for timing, and connect to the radios via a PoE++ injector.

In a traditional private network deployments require multiple edge devices to control the flow of data, providing network-wide timing, and deliver power to each distributed radio. Usually, providing data connectivity, timing, and power requires multiple edge devices as shown below with a PTP passthrough switch (data), PTP Grandmaster (timing), and PoE++ injectors (power).

Moso Concord is a purpose-built smart Ethernet switch for private networks to combine data, timing, and power into a single edge device. It integrates 270Gbps data capacity, a fully-capable PTP Grandmaster, and 720Ws of PoE++ power across all Ethernet ports, which simplifies the design, deployment, and management of your private network by eliminating the need for additional hardware.

Traditional Private Network Physical Deployment Architecture

Moso Concord

Canopy 4G Outdoor

Canopy 5G Indoor

Canopy 5G Outdoor

Canopy 6G Indoor