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Simplicity for RAN Management and Domain Proxy
with Moso Control

Radio management and domain proxy are critical components for the operation of a private cellular network. Moso Control is a RAN (Radio Access Network) automation and management platform for private networks with a built-in CBRS domain proxy.

Moso Control delivers simplicity, enabling your private networks solution to be installed quickly and easily with zero-touch provisioning for radios. It delivers visibility to proactively monitor network KPIs to deliver on your customer SLAs. In addition, Moso Control is an integrated RAN management platform with northbound APIs for integration with existing single pane-of-glass solutions used by system integrators (SIs), carriers, or leading managed service solution providers.

Moso Command radio management enables Day 1 and Day 2 control including the optimization and coordination of radio resources within your network. It enables zero-touch radio provisioning, real-time network health monitoring, and KPI collection and analysis tools. This is especially important in private cellular networks, where multiple devices communicate within a limited frequency spectrum. Effective radio management provides necessary visibility into the connectivity and performance of your network, ultimately leading to enhanced user experiences and productivity.

Moso Control also includes a CBRS Domain Proxy to act as the intermediary between the radio and SAS (Spectrum Access System) to manage spectrum grants for the network. The CBRS Domain Proxy gives you better visibility and control over the spectrum being used by CBRS radios in your network, provides improved resilience for radio grant management, and offers improved security for radios as they will not communicate directly to the SAS.

Moso Control Features