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Why are companies choosing private cellular networks?

Mobility has changed the way businesses operate, enabling businesses to maximize efficiency and increase revenue. The challenge is choosing the right technology for your business and clientele to stay connected. Private networks can help unlock efficient business communications, improve operational efficiency, and make connectivity seamless for all devices. Coverage, capacity, and control are key tenants when deciding which technology to use. Private cellular offers better coverage, greater capacity, and more precise control compared to traditional Wi-Fi, public cellular networks, and distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Private LTE and 5G networks can not only solve the issues of coverage, capacity, and control, but also bring security and robustness. Cellular technology offers enhanced security with SIM-based authentication for simple, trusted plug-and-play device connectivity (no more passwords). These LTE – and now 5G – networks offer increased robustness and resilience compared with alternatives.

MosoLabs creates products that empower enterprises to build state-of-the-art private networks. As a trusted provider for radios, devices, and network management platform, MosoLabs has developed an ecosystem of partners to deliver on the mission of simplifying the private network experience.

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